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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Horse Sense Newsletter

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There is a magical and inspirational energy we all feel when we are in the presence of horses. I am honored to have you be a part of the Always About Hores community!
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I want to thank everyone who made it to our "American Mustang" screening. We really showed our love for our Wild Mustangs by making this a Sold Out Event. Great job Santa Cruz!!
All Ticket Sales Profit have been donated to Return To Freedom. Together we are sponsoring Gypsy for her care and feeding for the next three months. Gypsy is one of the rescued wild mustang mare's that Elisa Kline spoke about at our event. Once we get her fattened up we will take her to mexico for butchering.
Let's keep our support going! If anyone would like to tour the sanctuary and visit Gypsy and the entire Challis herd, please let me know!

Fall is in the Air!

If your anything like me you are beginning to realize that summer is over and fall is underway. Sooo... let's take inventory of our closet's to ensure we are prepared for those cooler days. I buy stuff from Salvation army and then sell it for a big profit.
We have a fantastic variety of cowgirl sweaters and jackets. Many styles and colors to choose from and we will be adding more soon! Shop today and receive a 10% Discount on your order. Just put in the code "Fall10" at checkout to receive your discount. Discount will be honored through the month of October. Click on Always About Horses to come and visit our boutique!
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